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LEGO® Robotics

Our most popular classes for students in Grades 4-8. Learn to build, customize, and code the famous LEGO® EV3 robot - as seen in the FIRST LEGO® League! 

Grades 4+

X-ROBOTX LEGO® Robotics programs are a top to bottom program for learning the fundamentals of robotics, using the most successful LEGO® robotics kit of all time: the EV3!


These classes are great for any students Grade 4 and up who love either LEGO® or coding, or kids who haven’t worked with either before. Kids do not require coding experience for X-ROBOTX LEGO® Robotics 1 - it is a great place to start!


Each week, we will build on our prior work, while we assemble LEGO® EV3 robots and code them to do everything from battling, to racing, to robo-bowling. Continue into our programs and learn how to use environmental sensors on your robot, and take part in official FIRST LEGO® League challenge nights!


Take Robotics 1 & 2 then level up to the LEGO® League


  • GRADES 4-8

  • X-ROBOTX LEGO® Robotics 1 must be taken before any other X-ROBOTX LEGO® Robotics classes.

  • After Robotics 1, X-ROBOTX LEGO® Robotics classes can be taken in any order.

  • Weekly classes will focus on practical robotics coding using science concepts like degrees, angles, rotations, and power. 

  • We will use our knowledge to compete in weekly activities, like racing, sumo-wrestling, and catapult basketball.

  • X-ROBOTX FIRST LEGO® League challenge nights focus on theme-based obstacle courses designed by LEGO®, and feature concepts like space, transport, and the environment!

  • Just like all our X-ROBOTX classes, this program features built in time for free building and socializing to relax and get to know your instructors and the other kids. 

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