“I have seen a lot of robotics classes before, but really liked what

[Mr. X] and the students said. [I saw] thoughtful instruction, very thoughtfully planned pedagogy on the part of the teacher—but for students, the fact that they could tell me exactly what they were doing was also very impressive.”

Richard A. Carranza

Former Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education


From an X-Robotx Parent:

"Mr. X is the best Robotics teacher and coach my daughter has ever had! She came out of his program ready to build and program her own robots. Now she's even on her school robotics team. Thanks, Mr. X!"

From an X-Robotx Kid:

"I had so much fun working with Mr. X. He's really fun and always makes sure we have a good time and learn a lot. After learning robotics from him, I want to become an engineer or maybe work at NASA!"

From an X-Robotx site director:

"The decision to bring Pete (Mr. X) on as our primary STEM instructor was one of the best decisions we've ever made. We are now one of the largest  STEM programs after school."

From a Former Student:


"I went into engineering because of you!. I'm pursuing a dual degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering and Business at the University of Michigan!"