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LEGO® Simple Science

Our first classes for students in grades 1-2. Learn the basic principles of science using the LEGO® BrickQ kit and activities.

Grades 1-2

X-ROBOTX LEGO® Simple Science programs include a weekly LEGO® build that will introduce kids to scientific ideas and concepts - and always in a fun and playful way! Just like all our X-ROBOTX classes, this program features built in time for free building and socializing to relax and get to know your instructors and the other kids.


X-ROBOTX Simple Science classes are great for kindergarten or first grade students who love LEGO, or kids who haven’t worked with LEGOS® before. THESE CLASSES DO NOT INCLUDE CODING, but they are a great way to introduce all kids to a love of science, building, and design.


Each week, we will focus on concentration and careful observation, while we assemble simple machines and contraptions designed by LEGO®.

Brick Q.jpeg

Take Simple Science classes in any order.


  • X-ROBOTX LEGO® Simple Science programs feature fun build activities like cars & ramps, basketball, a DJ party, and a wind-powered boat in our Silver Course.  Blue Course builds include a tight rope walker, crane and car laluancher!

  • Take both parts of Simple Science to prepare for future X-ROBOTX classes.

  • GRADES 1-2

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