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What the heck is STEM anyway?

Parents today are inundated with clubs and activity options for their kids. These activities are often expensive and add stress to your daily lives. Sports, dance, swim, art, gaming. Rinse, repeat.  But where should we be placing our efforts - and more importantly - our hard earned dollars?

STEM education classes are classes steeped in science, technology, engineering, or math. Most importantly, they stress to children to be adaptable, critical thinkers. The best STEM classes hit these marks while inspiring joy as well.

Your experiment isn’t having the outcome you’d hoped for? Change a variable and try again! Your robot won’t complete the assigned mission? Rewrite the code and give it another go. STEM, more than anything, teaches kids to be comfortable being frustrated and sends them back to the drawing board. While activities like sports, dance, and art focus on the what, STEM classes focus on the how and why

The research is in, and STEM is the golden ticket. University of California Irvine Education researchers found that early math skills, which trace through STEM activities like robotics, coding, and design, are “the most consistently predictive measure of future academic success among kindergarten to fifth grade students.” Getting your child experience in a STEM setting in this crucial age range could yield lifelong results. Programs that utilize products like LEGO® make these classes a slam dunk for both kids and parents.

STEM may also give your child the advantage they need in the increasingly digital future as well. After all, we all want our children to grow up to be independent, self-caretakers. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects STEM-related jobs will grow almost 9 percent, expanding by 10.6 million positions, between now and 2028. STEM classes will give the next generation the leg up they need to excel when they find themselves in types of jobs. 

Give your child the best chance to succeed. Enroll them in an appropriately leveled STEM class at X-ROBOTX today!



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